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Company Profile



  Qidong  Zhongzhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. The Company researched and developed intelligent integrated levelness controllers which were used for levelling instruments and because of which the Company gained a high reputation in leveling instrument manufacturing industry. In global laser leveling instrument market, over 99% of products use gravitational moment and low-resistance bearing for leveling while use magnetic damping for stabilizing. Such leveling mode is limited by bearing resistance, so errors of world-class famous brand products can hardly be smaller than ±2mm/10m; when such stabilizing mode is applied for tall buildings, swaying of laser rays can hardly be avoided. With the raising of construction industry and decoration industry standards, high-accuracy, high-stability and high-reliability laser leveling instruments are expected in the industry.Our Company uses intelligent integrated levelness controllers as sensor controlling components of laser levelling instruments and control high-accuracy stepping motors, the laser levelling instruments made by our Company have high-accuracy, high-stability and high-reliability. In recent years, we gradually optimized the performance of intelligent integrated levelness controllers, researched and determined materials and structures of components of instruments, improved performance of resistance to temperature difference and to earthquake, enabled our products make errors smaller than ±1mm/10m and repeatedly levelling errors smaller than ±0.2mm/10m, provided stable laser rays for operating in tall buildings, all above features make our products much reliable than general products and widely accepted by customers of different countries.


  Since the establishment of the Company, we have provided high-end OEM production for many domestic and foreign brand manufacturers, such production occupied 70% of our total production and made our products appear in the whole world. Until now, all of our products are of electronic levelling type. Our products include laser levelling instruments, laser horizon sensors and laser wall tester.


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