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Electronic Sensor Type Leveling Laster Level
  • Name: Electronic Sensor Type Leveling Laster Level
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Product characteristics:

Leveling mode:Sensor motor automatic control(better suited for use on tallbuildings.)

Laser source:German OSRAM green LD diode , wavelength of 520nm

Repeat leveling accuracy:±0.2mm/lOm

Horizontal accuracy: ±1mm/lOm

Vertical accuracy: ±1mm/lOm

Laser linewidth: 1mm/5m; 2mm/lOm; 3mm/15m

Distance from the wall to the laser surface: 7mm

Laser emission mode: continuous mode (eye feeling is comfortable); pulse mode,frequency is 10KHz (used for laser receiver, outdoor long distance use)

The working temperature of the instrument: -20 degrees to +40 degreesCelsius (OSRAM green LD diode, operating temperature is -20 degrees to +60degrees Celsius, the internal luminous body to the aluminum alloy shell is providedwith 8 mm2 heat conduction cord, and the temperature rise is less than 20 degrees)

Multi  purpose precision  base: the base is equipped with three manual levelingfeet; two orthogonal translation micro adjustments; a coarse screw lock and a microadjustment

Rotation trim sensitivity: 0.55mm/ degrees. At 15 meters

Translational micro adjustment sensitivity: 0.0034mm/ degrees

Power supply: standard mobile power, 5V2A, 5000mAh


Three proofings features:

Shock proof: Good shock resistance (sensor to the light of the link is less, andstrong, it is difficult to deformation)

Dustproof: The dustproof effect is good (the butt joint of each part of the shell isdesigned for long distance bonding and gluing, so as to improve the dustproofgrade)

Waterproof: The waterproof effect is good (the upper part of the instrument is aglue body, the upper part, the middle part and the lower part, and the three parts aredesigned as an enclosure type combination, thereby improving the waterproofperformance)

Instrument dimensions: 17CM*11CM*15CM


Equipment maintenance:

instrument designed for gluing and leveling part of plane connection, good shockresistance, not easy to failure. However, the light emitting module instrument underexternal force will produce hair deformation will lead to instrument error. When thishappens, we should find out the error caused by the luminous body, by adjusting thelight emitting module set screws. Can calibration.


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